Mohamed Kamel

Rabie Chetwy

Country: Egypt
Year: 2015
Cast: Ahmed Kamal, Eman Moustafa
Nour, is a schoolgirl that lives alone with her dad, goes through a crisis on the arrival of her puberty, and cannot tell her dad and her dad didn't understand the changes that occurred in her life, which results in tension between them.
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 16 min


Gianluca Santoni

Gionatan con la G

Country: Italia
Year: 2016
Cast: Eduardo Scarpetta, Eleonora Belcamino, Luis Dobre, Gianluca
Jonathan is nine years old with the eyes of an adult. In an emergency room, he waits for his mother to have old wounds on her face checked. With candy in hand and a terrible idea in his head, Jonathan decides to escape. His house is located in the area of the Ponte di Nona - a suburb of Rome, where the bright colors of the buildings contrast with the discomfort that surrounds them - where little Gionatan finds Secco, a criminal, and persuades him to follow him, saying he saw some men beating her little brother.
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 15 min