Maurizio Ambrosini

Researcher and professor of History and criticism of cinema at the University of Pisa


Francesco Barachini

Projectionist of Cinema Lanteri of Pisa, he also deals with publishing and event organization


Olga Brucciani

Lucky Red press officer, she deals with offline and digital pr communication of Italian and non-Italian films


Stefania Cappellini

Author and host of the radio show "Blow Out", PhD student in History of Arts and Entertainment


Marika Catania

Secretariat and reception of Arsenale cinema in Pisa


Fabio Sonzogni

Director and actor, from the first edition he deals with the artistic direction of the Siloe Film Festival


Margherita Tadei

Student of Disciplines of entertainment and communication at the University of Pisa


Marco Valtriani

Director and artistic director of the independent film production company OCM