Paolo Benvenuti

Director, screenwriter and film producer


Lorella Greco

Student of "disciplines of show and communication" at the University of Pisa. Participate in the organization of numerous music and film festivals


Marta Lorenzi

Graduating at the DAMS in Florence, over the years she has gained experience in audio and video production, collaborates with Arsenale in the realization of exhibitions and events in the cinema foyer to support projections


Ilaria Luperini

Videomaker at Corriere della Sera, director and editor of independent documentaries


Elena Marcheschi

She teaches at the University of Pisa "cinema and the arts" and "art and multimedia". She has curated exhibitions and festivals and since 2005 collaborates with INVIDEO, the international video and cinema exhibition beyond (Milan)


Luigi Peccia

Writer and member of the Cinema Group of the Rossi Open Theater


Chiara Santini

Graduated in Cinema and Electronic Image, she works at Lanteri cinema as a projectionist and bartender