The Teatro Rossi in Pisa

The Teatro Rossi in Pisa was founded in 1771. At the time it was a place of fundamental importance for the cultural life of the city of Pisa. Unfortunately, in recent decades, it has been abandoned and only a few years ago a group of volunteers decided to recover this space and open it to the public. Currently in the theater there are many activities (theatrical, musical, cinematographic, etc ...). In recent years the cinema group of the Teatro Rossi has organized events, screening cycles and, in 2017, the first edition of ' Indipendenti'.


The activities of the cinema crew of the TRA

May 11th TRAme indipendenti - third edizione of short film festival


April 13-14 TRAme indipendenti - second edition of short film festival

10 October Cinepiano - screening of “The Circus” by Charlie Chaplin, accompanied by the music of composer Tony Berchmans

April 21 TRAme indipendenti - first edition of the short film festival

26 May Cinepiano - screening of "The General" by Buster Keaton, accompanied by the music of the composer Tony Berchmans

27 May Cinepiano screening of "Nosferatu" by F. W. Murnau, accompanied by the music of the composer Tony Berchmans

13 October screening of Línea de fugue El círculo de Podemos en Berlìn documentary film by Michelangelo Severgnini

7 November for the 100th anniversary of the Soviet revolution, screening od October by Sergej Michajlovič Ėjzenštej, with an introduction by Professor Maurizio Ambrosini, professor of History and Criticism of Cinema at the University of Pisa

29 May Cinepiano - screening of "The Lodger" by A. Hitchcock accompanied by the music of the composer Tony Berchmans

June 8 screening of Viola (short film shot entirely filmed at the Rossi Theater) by Blueberry Factory and L’oltre by Donato Rosa

April 23 screening of the documentary Article 32 which testifies to the activity of the Italian NGO Emergency

23 September - 21 October: cycle of screenings Dietro le linee: il trauma bellico attraverso l’arte cinematografica

8 October screening of La palla n13 - The "LOC" Creative Orchestra Laboratory of the G. Bonamici music school in Pisa presents an original soundtrack from the film La palla n ° 13 by Buster Keaton.

2 December screening of Çapulcu: Voices from Gezi a film by: Benedetta Argentieri, Claudio Casazza, Carlo Prevosti, Duccio Servi and Stefano Zoja

9 March - 13 April 2014 Visioni distopiche - cycle of screenings: Negative utopias in cinema from the 1960s to today

18 May - 8 June 2014 Vite scordate - cycle of screenings: The protagonists of music through cinema

24 May Cinepiano - silent cinema accompanied by the music of the composer Tony Berchmans

17 June screening of the documentary film The rhythm of Gezi ("Gezi'nin rhythms") by Güvenç Özgür and Michelangelo Severgnini: Sambistambul, a Samba band in the heart of the protest

November 22 The Outsider - Antonio Margheriti's cinema told by his son Edoardo

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